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Dragonhawk Fold 2 Pro

Dragonhawk Fold 2 Pro

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Revolutionizing Tattooing with Versatile Precision, Intuitive Operation, and Powerful MCore-C1 Motor

  • Multi-Gear Adjustment for Versatile Use:: Enhances work efficiency and precision, providing greater flexibility and accuracy for tattoo artists.

  • Exquisite Color Screen and Easy Operation: User-friendly operating system with an elegant color screen, simplifying adjustment of working parameters and addressing various usage issues.

  • Adaptability to Various Tattoo Styles: Rotatable grip for easy needle length adjustment, facilitating effortless operation for precise lining or smooth shading.

  • Powerful Motor by MCore-C1: Ensures a balanced performance for both lines and shading, showcasing MAST’s commitment to delivering innovative products.
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