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FYT Emerald Round Liner

FYT Emerald Round Liner

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New FYT Emerald V2 (2nd Gen) Cartridges are ideal for any tattoo professional. 

These Round Liners come in Half Open Tips Tattoo Cartridges come equipped with a slim and textured tip for improved ink flow.  Each needle also contains our patented Stabilizer System which ensures steadiness and precision will be consistent throughout the tattoo process. FYT Emerald Cartridges are available in a variety of grouping configurations and every cartridge contains a Rubber Membrane that effectively minimizes the cross-contamination during the tattoo process.


Round Liners are available in the following:

Regular, Super-Tight, and Bugpin (10 Gauge / 0.30mm).


Contains 20 Individually Blister Packed pieces per box.

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