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Ghost Ultra Black SMP Pigment

Ghost Ultra Black SMP Pigment

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Ghost is the darkest SMP pigment on the market with the best retention, specifically designed for scalp micropigmentation procedures. The highest quality natural ingredients retain their consistency over time and each batch is guaranteed to have the same result as the last. Ghost pigment is supplied in a medical-grade sealed bottle to ensure its longevity. It is vegan-friendly, containing no animal by-products. It is gamma-sterilized and has been fully tested by SMP experts. 
Sold in sizes of 15ml each bottle will provide up to 50+ treatments. Each bottle has a two-year shelf-life and is stable for 12 months after opening.


  • Size: 15ml
Due to import restrictions in certain countries regarding medical auxiliary products, we will extract the syringes from the bag to facilitate a smooth customs clearance process.
Due to the sensitivity of our products, all sales are final.
Returns are not accepted.

Ghost pigment Mixing
Before mixing your pigment make sure you have all of the appropriate tools. 
  • Syringe 
  • Medical cups
  • Distilled water 
  • Ghost pigment 

Preparing your pigment
Mix the pigment with distilled water. 
Example 1
  • to prepare a color of 12  you’ll need a mixture of 12: 1 = (12ml) of distilled water and (1 ml) of ghost pigment 
Example 2 
  • to prepare a color of 28 you’ll need a mixture of 28: 1 =  (28ml) Distilled water and (1 ml) of ghost pigment. 
Example 3 
  • to prepare a color of 4 you’ll need a mixture of 4: 1 =  (4ml) Distilled water and (1 ml) of ghost pigment.
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