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Ultra Round Liner #12 RLT

Ultra Round Liner #12 RLT

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Needle Diameter Sizes #12 = 0.35mm
RLT = 7mm Sharp
Box of 20pcs
Regular Tight grouping of medium and long taper
Used for regular lines.
Medium taper commonly used for classic and bold (fat) lines.
Medium taper allows more needle contact with skin to deposit more pigment.
Long taper commonly used for thin lines (Top seller)
Long taper sharpness allows to work more time on skin with less trauma.

WJX ULTRA Tattoo Professional Cartridges Needles

A Perfectly matches with needles and shell, high-stability, smooth unhindered ink flow
Innovate Medical PC Material Connect Needles, polished by automatic machine that working more smooth .
Every detail of shell makes extreme comfort
The cartridge needles increase ink storage, absorb inks faster, injection average.

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